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This professional service combines high-potency ingredients with professional expertise to recommend a personalized corrective serum just for you.

What is CUSTOM D.O.S.E?

When it comes to improving your skin, one solution does not fit all. Made-to-measure efficacy is essential to address individual skin types, tones, concerns, and signs of aging.

For the first time, SkinCeuticals has combined technology and science to focus on these areas through an adaptable topical treatment plan that starts, ends, and revolves around you.


CUSTOM D.O.S.E is a professional service that combines high-potency ingredients with professional expertise to create a personalized corrective serum just for you – developed, measured, and dispensed in only 10 minutes. This customized and individually formulated solution targets two main skin concerns: aging and hyperpigmentation.


The production-quality compounder rotates at 1,200/ per minute to ensure that the booster ingredients are sufficiently combined for maximum stability. The result after 5 minutes is a serum with a 3-month expiration date, which ensures the ingredients are used at peak freshness to optimize results.


With more than 250 combinations of unique skin traits considered when selecting key ingredients and 14 highly concentrated and unique ingredients that cannot be found in other SkinCeuticals products, your Custom D.O.S.E will have a unique formula just made for you! Even with your name on it!


How do I get my CUSTOM D.O.S.E?

*Once you purchase your CUSTOME D.O.S.E online, we will contact you to schedule a virtual consultation during which we will determine which ingredients should be compounded in your personalized serum.

A corrective product that is compounded in real time to ensure peak freshness in each formula has to be used within 3 months since it was compounded.

The patented diagnostic tool is unparalleled in its combination of advanced technology and scientific analysis to evaluate unique skin concerns. SkinCeuticals has designed the algorithms to communicate with one another to provide the best result.




With its various active ingredients, the CUSTOM D.O.S.E acts like a booster for the other products. Therefore, it will not replace any of the other products in your skincare regimen. 

It is recommended to incorporate an at-home skincare regimen in conjunction with your CUSTOM D.O.S.E serum.If using twice daily, apply in the morning after an antioxidant serum and before a sunscreen. In the evening, apply after cleansing and before applying your moisturizer and other corrective products.





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