Matcha Misto + Collagen

$64.95 CAD

This delicious and nutritious Matcha Misto Collagen combines the health benefits of Organic Grade A matcha from Japan and the natural and organic coconut milk from withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen.

Matcha Misto is an antioxidant powerhouse, an organic source of MCTs, and provides a natural, stable energy boost. The high concentration of specific amino acids helps with the formation of collagen in the body, promoting healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints


This 280g jar of withinUs Matcha + Misto Collagen holds 35 servings and an additional scoop.


  • Stable, jitter-free energy boost
  • Rich in antioxidants 
  • Promotes healthy hair, skin, nails and joints
  • Helps improve concentration and cognition
  • Certified Organic, Grade A, First Harvest, Premium Matcha
  • Excellent coffee alternative!  


Combine 1-2 scoops with one cup of hot water. Blend or stir until fully mixed. Enjoy your matcha beverage and daily intake of collagen!

Did you know? The withinUs Grade A Matcha is grown without the use of fertilizers, nitrogen or chemicals, and is routinely tested for purity. The soil in which the plants are grown is also subject to frequent testing, ensuring that there are no contaminants (lead/fluoride) in the product.  

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