About us

Aging Gracefully, Together

A centre for Aesthetic and Laser Medicine & Advanced Skincare | Est. 2012 

We believe looking our best helps us feel our best. We open our doors each morning to help our patients feel confident, inspired and happier – ready to take on the world.

We are passionate about skin health and natural beauty. We are skin gurus and thrive on sharing our passion and knowledge. We specialize in aesthetic and laser medicine and advanced skincare to give you the tools to make well-informed skin care decisions – all in a safe, supportive and empowering environment.

We pledge to always offer you our best – with clinical excellence and your safety at the forefront of our practice. You deserve to experience something extraordinary… because you are extraordinary.

Welcome to Project Skin MD®. We’re on this journey together – let’s make it beautiful.


It’s Glow time!

The world of skincare products can be overwhelming. At Project Skin MD® we carefully curate skincare products backed by science and that will give you the results you are hoping for. From topical skincare to supplements, we can help you elevate your skin game. When we present a product to our patients, trust that we’ve done our research and that it will deliver. Our goal is to simplify it and help you make the best educated decisions


The first SkinCeuticals Flagship in North America

We are skincare backed by science and fuelled by soul. This is where SkinCeuticals fell in love with Project Skin MD® and, oh, what a match made in skincare heaven. We are skin innovators and we deliver results. We look at skin differently, with passion for the aging journey. Your skin is our project and we want to make your journey beautiful.


Two convenient locations in British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver (South Granville): 1495 W11th Avenue, Vancouver

Richmond (Richmond Centre mall): 6551 No 3 Road, Unit 1662, Richmond