Retexturing Activator 30ml

$112.00 CAD

Our Glow Serum is an oil-free serum formulated to simultaneously exfoliate the skin and replenish its moisture for a smooth and radiant complexion.

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This revolutionary replenishing serum surpasses the results of a 20% daily glycolic treatments while reinforcing the skin’s barrier for healthier and more radiant skin. Using patented technology, this unique serum is highly effective in promoting proper exfoliation while optimizing the skin’s amino acid supply to reinforce the external barrier. Potent without harsh side effects, Retexturing Activator is formulated in an efficient, oil-free delivery system suitable for all skin types.



  • Bi-functional; exfoliation and hydration
  • Balances moisture levels
  • Diminishes the appearance of surface lines and smoothes skin
  • Increases the look of overall radiance
  • Provides a non-irritating, hydrating base
  • Ideal for all skin types


Twice daily, apply 4-6 drops to face, neck, and chest.

Did you know? The Retexturing Activator is nicknamed the «Glow Serum» because it leaves the skin significantly radiant and glowy. 

In-Clinic Treatments

Pair our favorite glow serum with our Customized Glow Facial to enjoy the power of glycolic and lactic acid peels. Our Glow Facial is customized to your skin condition for optimal results and product penetration afterwards.

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