Retinol Refining Night Cream - 30ml

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Our pure retinol concentrated facial cream improves the appearance of visible signs of aging and pores while minimizing breakouts.

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Retinol is a natural vitamin A and an essential nutrient with amazing dermatological benefits such as reducing signs of aging skin and sun damage. Formulated with either 0.3% or 0.5% pure retinol and calming chamomile-derived bisabolol, this night cream can help minimize the appearance of pore size while minimizing breakouts.



  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and blemishes
  • Minimizes pores and breakouts
  • Promotes cell turnover
  • Unique delivery system based on skin’s natural lipid structure
  • Light-weight and moisturizing formula
  • Non-comedogenic, paraben-, fragrance-, and gluten-free


We recommend for first-time users to begin with the 0,3% and start with twice a week use until tolerance and comfort level are built to be used every other day. Once no more skin peeling is experienced you should move up to the 0,5%. The highest 1% concentration is only available in our clinics given its high potency.


Apply a pea-sized amount of Retinol to thoroughly cleansed skin in the evening. Carefully avoid the eyes and the corner of the eyes. Since topical retinoids are photosensitizing, complete your skincare regimen with a broad-spectrum sun protection to avoid sun damage.

Side effects are completely normal and will subside over time. Your skin might experience flaking/peeling, stinging (especially upon application of other skincare products), and a slight to moderate erythema.

*As a precaution, retinol products should not be used by pregnant women or women who intend to become pregnant in the near future.

PS Pro Tip: Once your skin has been trained by the use of Retinol 0.5%, come by one of our clinics to get your hands on the Retinol 1.0% and take you exfoliated skin to a next level.

In-Clinic Treatments

Are you using Retinol to boost collagen and smooth fine lines? If so, Thermage might be an interesting treatment to consider. Using readiofrequency, Thermage CPT will boost collagen production for a visibly firmer skin within 90 days. Oh, and did we say absolutely no downtime? Yup, we did!

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