Redness Neutralizer - 50ml

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Our soothing and lightweight gel-cream is perfect to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, reduce redness and alleviate irritation.

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Redness Neutralizer is specifically formulated with patent-pending NeuroMed complex, this neuropeptide and antioxidant combination regulates pro-inflammatory mediators and reduces skin’s temperature while bisabolol, zinc gluconate, and shea butter further soothe and comfort irritated skin. redness neutralizer is efficient alone and is clinically shown to provide incremental benefits to patients already on a rosacea prescription.



  • Reduces skin’s vulnerability to environmental rosacea triggers
  • Regulates the formation of visible blood vessels and minimizes vasodilation that leads to burning, irritation, and discomfort
  • Provides immediate relief and comfort by reducing the skin’s temperature
  • Clinically proven to improve skin smoothness and radiance
  • For all skin types, especially the sensitive, redness- and rosacea-prone skin


Twice daily after cleansing, gently pat a thin layer onto face, neck, and chest. Use after a SkinCeuticals antioxidant in the morning.

Did you know? Redness Neutralizer is made without parabens, fragrance, silicone, dye, alcohol and is also non-comedogenic.

In-Clinic Treatments

Sensitive skin? To keep redness at bay, consider a light laser treatment such as Laser Genesis to help reduce diffused redness or any vascularities on the face.

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